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    At our core, we are an American based I.T. company bringing the New Medellin to the world thru our 3 lines of businesses;  Cultural Tourism, Real Estate Investment/Rentals and Medical Tourism.  We leverage the latest technologies to push this education to the world via social media and targeted marketing, and also  ensure your experiences are shared real-time on our interactive tours.  We capture and drive these efforts thru our sister company TM Producciones, www.tmproducciones.com.  

    The team is a mixed bag of awesome Paisa Millennials and a couple of passionate American expats with one simple goal, educate the world to the transformation of an incredible people and city, Medellin, and ensuring you are having a great time in the process!  Meet the team below and reach out to us directly if you have any questions.  We look forward to speaking to you soon and ensuring your experiences far outweigh your expectations!  

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